Wednesday, October 25, 2017

HCL and IBM Partner on Domino 10

I was excited to see the announcement about HCL and IBM working on Domino 10 in 2018. The thing I want most out of this is a focus on Sales, even more than I want most of the changes that could come from new elements to work with. 

Domino has a very mature NoSQL datastore that has a lot of built-in functionality. I think if an emphasis was put on that and whatever sales teams exist pushed the product there would be an upturn in the user base. If they would make it worth the financial while of salespeople to sign a deal with new or existing customers, that will make the platform successful. 

We've all seen how a better product is relegated to obscurity when an inferior product just has a better salesforce. It's not the lack of features: systems are sold every day that can't deliver on things. It's not needing trained people: there are new systems created all the time that people have to go learn. It's getting a customer to sign a contract. 

IBM has a lot of money walking out the door not because they are lacking in good, solid products, but because they don't make it profitable for their sales team to sell everything they offer. Yes, they make a lot of money selling services to support competitors products. But IBM should look to make more by supporting products and selling the products they will support. 

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