Monday, May 23, 2016

Eternal fustrations with IBM "Help" - - this time trying to give them money

So I find I need to purchase a Domino license again, this happens for independent developers. I make my selection and get taken to what IBM is now calling the "Marketplace" to check out. However the option to enter a credit card to actually pay for my purchase is greyed out. So I call in. There is a wait and a lady answers. She asks the typical questions and then for me to send them an email with a screen shot. I ask for a ticket number so I can track this request (my reopened ticket for Bluemix is still sitting there unanswered after several days). She tells me they can't open tickets. I tell her I need one to follow this issue. Three times so far she's put me on hold to come back with the same thing - send in an email. I still want a ticket number.

Four times now....(I'm writing this while being on hold)....Five times. Finally I got a ticket number. It's a bit different from the ones I'm used to from IBM, but here we go.

The lady did actually give me her full name (which is rare), but you have to wonder what customer service expert came up with the idea that people want to be forever told to go elsewhere.



  1. IBM doesn't want to sell its own stuff over the web.
    They want POs. *big* POs.

  2. I am so glad that I handle this through TeamCentric (the people who host my server). I get a reminder from IBM which acts like I should renew with them directly, but I know better and renew with TeamCentric and I never have to go through IBM hell. (Except when I want to download something, of course.)

  3. The market has figured out that it's time to move to another vendor. IBM is a stale company.